What and How of Solar

  • PV Technology
  • 2

    Solar System Design Process

  • Load Analysis
  • Technical & Functional explanation of basic components
  • Solar System Calculations based on Load Power requirements
  • Components selection as per market availability
  • Connections & Wiring of system components with respect to Installation
  • Usage Details / Application
  • Costing & Payback
  • 3

    Designing Home based or Centralized solar systems
    (with Demo Lighting System)
    Solar products – Solar Lantern, Home Lighting, Street Light

  • System Designing with explanation of few additional components like CC
  • 4

    Application of Solar in various systems

  • Mobile Charging
  • Solar Pump
  • Solar Fan
  • Solar Charkha
  • Solar Bicycle
  • Solar Systems customized for various small/big scale industries
    (Eg. Bamboo Works, Soldering Stations, Village Level small scale shops)
  • 5

    Solar Power Plants (Explanation of All System Design process)

  • Off Grid
  • On Grid (Net Metering)
  • 6

    Entrepreneurship & Project Experience Sharing


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