We started our journey of entrepreneurship in 2013. Ours is a story of 'Khojis'. Searching for a career path in life, we traveled for around 10,000 km in India. During our journey, we visited and saw some of the best models in India in various fields including Education, Health, Energy, IT, Art, Sanitation, Social Services. We also met and interacted with great role models in these fields. It was during this journey that we identified one of the main problems that our country faces - the unavailability of power in rural India. We wanted to solve this problem as engineers. We selected the city of Nagpur as our working location since it is located in Central India. We chose to work on solar energy, which is the most efficient and cost-effective way of generating power. We started our journey in solar by designing and manufacturing solar lamps at an affordable cost.

We partnered with various NGOs of India to distribute Solar lamps in remote areas. We successfully distributed 4000 Solar lamps. Simultaneously we started working on products like solar operated home lighting systems and solar-powered streetlights. In 2015, we registered our company name as Thinksolar. During the same period, the Net Metering policy was introduced in Maharashtra. It was a really good and innovative model for urban areas. This policy is a boon for everyone from small scale to large scale to install their own solar panels on their rooftops or barren land and produce their own electricity. This was a cost-effective model for high electricity consumers, that is, for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. We studied this model and created awareness about it in urban areas. We started consultation, design, supply, and installation of Grid-Tie Solar PV power plants with an experienced team of engineers and technicians.

Since then, we have been successful in doing more than 500 On-Grid and Off-grid solar projects and more than 60 solar trainings and workshops. Currently, we are working on On-grid Solar PV plants, Off-grid Solar PV plants, Solar Trainings, workshops and are committed to increasing our reach to more users.


To become a leading solar company in India by ensuring a quality user experience


We see ourselves playing a major role in making solar energy a major source of electricity in India.

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